My work is dedicated to the one you love.

Love and Intimacy Mentoring.

If you haven’t been on speaking terms with sex, love and intimacy, you’re not alone. Matters of the heart are complex – and emotionally-charged – for almost everyone. There’s a genuine path to having more love in your life, and that’s what my work is about. Centering your love life around the person you will come to love the most.

You know that person intimately.

You are the heart and soul of your love life. You call the shots. You attract the love and intimacy you desire and deserve. I’m here to tell you that nothing less will do. You will access true love,  awesome sex and deep intimacy by seeing your Self as your soul mate.  From this place you will experience the relationship of your dreams, where communicating is sexy and where you’ve never felt more alive and free! Whether you are starting a new relationship or wanting to give your relationship a remodel, this work is right for you.

What’s your heart’s desire?

Do you want to soften the edges around your heart?

Are you craving more sexual intimacy?

Do you want to take more time for pleasure? 

Is asking for what you want hard?

We’ll start with your questions. Your answers will reveal a path that’s yours alone. I’ll be here to help you find your way through your patterns and blocks. 

True Love is True to You.

You don’t need to search for the love of your life. You’ve already met. She’s right there in that mirror. She’s your true self, the person who can enjoy love and intimacy and create pleasure in life, every day.  

What does self-love look like? It’s the way you eat, move, communicate, sleep, and breathe.  It’s about giving time to your sensual and sexual self. Our work will tap you into the life force energy that is already yours. You can access this energy simply by breathing and focusing with loving kindness on yourself. 

Drawing from deep inside yourself to expand.

Danielle Hougard
Danielle Hougard

Since my early 20’s, I have been paving my own path inspired by a longing for deep joy, peace, and pleasure, and to be fully myself. My guiding light has been the belief that I could live life turned on, in love, and vibrantly alive, every day.

When I met the love of my life in 1993, something new was awakened in me, the desire to really love. Meeting him made me realize I didn’t know how to love at all, not the kind of love a relationship required at least. My heart had been shut down in ways I wasn’t aware of, and I was ready to heal from past relationship wounds.

What I discovered over time was that I needed to learn to LOVE MYSELF in order to love this amazing man who loved me so very much.

SELF LOVE is a practice that takes mad COURAGE, COMMITMENT, and COMPASSION!

Danielle Hougard

It also is the key to inner and outer peace, joy, and the root of your pleasure.

I am grateful to have spent my last 24 years with this man expanding my heart and of course, exploring myself as a sensual, sexual being. As a young woman, I was aware of my strong sexual energy, beauty and aliveness, but was confused by it and all the shame I felt around it. Our marriage has been a practice ground for exploring my sexuality and my relationship to it.

This is a dark and scary journey at times, but I have learned how to create safety and freedom, through communication and clear boundaries. The flip side of dark and scary is bright and blissful, and so our relationship continues to blossom with unimaginable beauty as I choose more freedom, more truth, deeper love, and unrelenting self love.

My work is dedicated to supporting you on this path to a healthy heart. As your guide, I am here to show you how self love can become as simple as breathing. Each breath, each moment is a new opportunity to reclaim your true love, your true sensual, animal self.

Living and Learning

Danielle Hougard, Love and Intimacy Mentor, Acupressure Massage Therapist, and E-RYT 500, certified Yoga teacher, has been on the mind-body path since 1989. She is a pioneer in living life from the inside out, and a love warrior leading the way for all on this pleasure path to deeper intimacy.

Danielle’s mentoring is the result of her natural desire and passion for self-inquiry and her pursuit to lead an empowered life filled with love, peace, and joy.

  • 1992- Three Day Landmark Forum Training- Live the Life You Love, Falls Church, VA
  • 1993- Five Day Advanced Landmark Training- San Francisco, CA
  • 1993- 200 Hr. Advanced Training Professional Specialization Program- Emotional Balancing Certification, Acupressure Institute. Berkeley, CA
  • 1995- Human Awareness Institute (HAI), Love, Intimacy, and Sexuality Workshops, Level 1, Weekend Training
  • 1996- HAI, Level 2, Weekend Training
  • 1997- HAI, Level 3, Weekend Training
  • 1998- HAI, Couples Relationship Training
  • 1999- 850 Hr. Acupressure Therapy Certification- Advanced Training Program. Acupressure Institute, Berkeley, CA.
  • 2004- Anusara Yoga Teacher Certification
  • 2005- Created Intuitive Life Coaching Practice, San Rafael, CA
  • 2013- 2014- Interchange Counseling/Coaching Certification.
  • 2015- Present-Love and Intimacy Mentor


Would you love to feel sensual, sexy, and at home in your own skin?

Self care is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

As your love and intimacy guide, I am here to help you claim and love your sensual, sexual self. For yourself. You will tap into the reservoir of creative, loving life force energy, and joy that is your birthright.

Move into You, A Love Yourself New Years Practice


Saturday, January 12, 7:00pm-9:00pm

Cost: Early Bird-$59 per  person.

Early bird pricing ends December 20 at midnight.



The cozy season is here, the holiday festivities are in full swing and this gathering is the perfect way to bring you back to yourself as holidays come to a close and the New Year begins.  It’s important to take time to slow down, move your yummy body, and open to new ways to love yourself.

Enjoy a candle lit yoga practice for all levels designed to nourish you in all the right ways. There will be time to meditate, set intentions, journal, share and create beauty together. Bring a friend or two!

Be Your Valentine and Bring Your Valentine


A Couples Date night-Playshop

Saturday February 16, 7:00pm-9:00pm, Location TBD


Early Bird Special $59- per person, ends February 1 at Midnight.

General Admission $75- per person, by February 16.



Looking for a Valentine’s Gift to give yourself and your partner? Have you been craving deeper, more consistent connection? Are you looking for ways to get the spark back and keep your relationship fresh and fun? If you answered YES to any of these questions, this workshop is for you! Whether you’re single or in a relationship, learning how to love more is for everyone!


Fast Track to Self Love 30 Day Program for Women

Do you need a jumpstart in the self care, self appreciation, self anything category? Is it hard to put yourself first or anywhere on the list? Do you wonder why? Are you tired all of the time, even when you wake up in the morning?
There’s no need to live this way anymore! I am ready to support you in making the change that you’ve wanted but haven’t known where or how to begin.
What you get:

4- private sessions via zoom or in person.

4- text or email support sessions.

You will leave with your own self love toolbox! Benefits may include:

  • daily pleasure and spontaneous joy.
  • healthy, practical communication skills.
  • more conscious, connected, nourishing sex.
  • an authentic, trustworthy relationship with self. 
  • an empowered, confident, sensual presence.

Cost: $797

Contact me for a FREE 20 minute Discovery Session to see if this is the right work for you and if we are a match.

Fast Track to Love and Intimacy for Men, Women, or Couples


You’ve tried to make it work, you love each other but… there are so many buts! It’s time to dig deep and have a break through! No more excuses.

It’s ok. Relationships are hard because we are human, and we learn from example and our race is still young when it comes to love. So don’t feel bad. You’re not alone or to blame. But you can make a change by learning to love and it begins with you. If you’re partner shares this desire, perfect. As your mentor I will guide you both into the tender guarded space of your hearts and we will turn your relationship into a thriving, love generating, pleasure palace and learn how to keep it that way.

You will receive:

  • 10 Sessions, Some individual, some together if you want to work as a couple, over 90 days.

You will walk away with:

  • a deeper more vibrant connection with your partner
  • a newfound appreciation for yourself and your body.
  • tools to journey the contraction and expansion of relationship.
  • tantric practices.
  • communication practices.

Cost: $1750 paid in full, or two payments of $997.

Contact me for a Free 20 minute Discovery Session.


Reclaiming the Goddess Massage for Women


It’s important to give yourself a regular dose of body love as part of your self love routine. Receiving a sensual massage is the perfect way to experience pleasure in a safe, supportive environment. Each session is a journey into bodily bliss. We will hold sacred, loving space for whatever arises.

You will receive:

  • a 75 minute session which includes, sensual touch, intimacy counselling and essential oils

You will walk away with:

  • a newfound appreciation for yourself and your body
  • a strong, confident, attractive vibe
  • a desire to claim and enjoy your innate sexiness

Cost: $175


Life is a love story.

Since exploring how to awaken and allow my feminine energy to flow with Danielle as my guide, I am not only orgasming more freely, I’ve also found my voice expressing what turns me on. As I am honoring my sensual and sexual needs, my body feels softer and I feel more confident living in this world as a liberated woman. Unexpected bonus, it’s turning my man on to stepping more fully into his manifesting powers as well!

Sabrina M.

Danielle has been my guide in personal growth for oh so many years! Her skillful sensitivity has enticed the most hidden treasures within to emerge, transforming my childhood wounds into personal powers. I now honour instead of ignore my feelings. It sounds so simple but it’s profound when it comes to living in integrity with the truth of the heart. Working with Danielle I’ve become much wiser, more vibrant and playful with myself and in my relationships.

Ulrika E.

“This is my 3rd year to participate in Danielle’s yoga retreat, and WOW, they just keep getting better and better! Danielle is a gifted yoga teacher and transformational leader. She truly walks her talk and makes it so easy for me to keep stepping into my own power and grace. This weekend retreat has the perfect amount of yoga, supportive community, and relaxing time, plus the food and gorgeous beauty at Mayacamas are always amazing. This has become my annual go-to yoga retreat, and I can’t wait to be back next year!”

Rebecca M.

“Danielle holds a fun, safe, deep and creative space in which each woman can be herself in all areas of the retreat: yoga, self-inquiry, growth and connecting with other women. The food is amazing and the environment stunning. A true getaway with purpose.”

Susan S.

“Danielle’s mentoring is profound. Her insights reflect an intuitive ability that enable her to safely and deeply identify blocks and challenges so they can be held in love and transformed. Since working with Danielle, I have more acceptance and self-love, and more and more freedom of sensual and sexual expression.”


Her sessions combine fully present listening, spiritual counsel, visualizations, and what feels to me like magic. She is gifted at helping others realize their own light more fully and live more joyfully in the world.

Marianne S.

“I am so grateful for the years of coaching and support I’ve received from Danielle! She has helped me create a deeper, more intimate relationship with my husband and has helped me build greater confidence in myself so I can take bold, exciting risks in my business. Her style is compassionate, yet powerful. I always look forward to our weekly Skype sessions. Thank you so much, Danielle, for your inspired coaching!”

Rebecca M.

“Danielle is a true gem – she is warm, compassionate, and insightful. She gets right to the heart of the matter and guides you to new places within yourself. She taught me how to stay grounded and take care of myself in difficult times. With her coaching, I feel I can handle anything now.”

Charmaine P.