Picture yourself reveling in the joy, health, and ease of a sexually satisfied woman. Imagine that you’re exploring your own authentic “turn-ons” and engaging with your partner at exciting new depths of intimacy. Not only is this kind of pleasure and connection possible, but you were born for this.

From nurturing self-love to celebrating your unique body and understanding your innermost desires, I’m your guide to developing profound intimacy in your day-to-day life. I empower women to step into their boldest sexual selves and bring this new level of confidence to the bedroom and beyond.

I’m so glad you’re here

Drawing on my extensive training as a Sensuality Coach, acupressure massage therapist, yoga teacher, and intuitive coach, I support my clients in finding true sexual fulfillment and sensual joy. Tapping into your powers of intimacy can often bring up feelings of shame and confusion, especially as we challenge the cultural narratives that seem to dictate who is seen as “sexy” and desirable, and who is not.

I created my coaching practice with you in mind because I’m passionate about helping women undo these self-limiting ideas and achieve heights of pleasure they never knew existed. As a wife and mother, I understand our struggles to stay tuned in to our true needs and desires. I love guiding women to access their own wisdom and innate capacity for pleasure and authentic expression.

One to One Coaching

As you explore what’s holding you back from true fulfillment in your sex life, I’ll be by your side, guiding you to tap into your innate wisdom and step into a new level of intimacy with heightened confidence, joy, and ease.

Group Programs

By joining with others on similar journeys of exploration, we access compassionate support and deep understanding and accelerate our transformation into sexually fulfilled women.

This program is coming soon…