Would you love to feel more sensual, sexy, and at home in your own skin?

Self care is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

As your love and intimacy guide, I am here to help you claim and love your sensual, sexual self. 

For yourself, you will tap into the reservoir of creative, loving life force energy, and joy that is your birthright.

Danielle Hougard

Awaken Sacred Pleasure

A Ceremonial Cacao Workshop for Women


Would you like to feel more radiant, confident, and sensually free? More in love with your own body? Join Danielle for this unique fusion of healing and awakening.

Danielle Hougard

Embrace Your Pleasure Power

Do you want to feel more turned on, sexy, and confident? Are you ready to meet your Mr. Right or light the fire in your marriage?

Starts August 14, 2020

This program is limited to an intimate group of 8 women. The perfect elixir of group support, self reflection and personal transformation.

In this 5-week program on Zoom, you will discover:

  • How to prioritize your pleasure on a daily basis.

  • New nourishing ways to lower your stress and relax into joy.

  • How to ask your partner for what you need & want.

  • Simple ways to put pleasure front and center.

  • How connecting with other women more deeply connects you to yourself.

Danielle Hougard

Say Yes to Your Sexy, Sovereign, Self

A 90 Day 1:1 Program for Women who have forgotten who they are and need a playful reminder.

  • Do you need a jumpstart in the self care, self appreciation, self anything category?
  • Is it hard to put yourself first or anywhere on the list?
  • Do you wake up tired, uninspired?
  • Girl it’s time, to get your priorities in order and put some sass back in that a… 😉
  • This is a 10- week program done in person or online.