Life is a Love Story

As a result of our work together, you will:

  • Discover what you love, value, and truly desire, and open the path to receiving those things 
  • Feel more at home in your beautiful skin
  • Enjoy more pleasure sexually–whether alone or with a partner
  • Experience sex as sacred and your body as a temple
  • Listen more to your Inner Queen and less to your inner critic  
  • Have sumptuous tools and practices that will inspire daily pleasure
  • Be able to easily and lovingly communicate your needs and desires
  • Know your YES and your NO and speak up for them.


“I have so much gratitude for the work I’ve done with Danielle. She’s been incredibly intuitive, compassionate and instructional in helping me break down the walls that have been preventing me from intimacy. I am now on the path towards being able to navigate a healthy and fulfilling partnership with a man. With each session I grow and learn, continually amazed how Danielle gets to the heart of the problem and is able to guide me towards my desired goal. I have emerged from our work a more confident, sensual being.”     ~  Tracy C.

“Danielle has been my personal growth guide for oh so many years! Her skillful sensitivity has enticed the most hidden treasures within to emerge, transforming my childhood wounds into personal powers. I now honour instead of ignore my feelings. It sounds so simple but it’s profound when it comes to living in integrity with the truth of the heart. Working with Danielle I’ve become much wiser, more vibrant and playful with myself and in my relationships.”  ~  Ulrika E.

“Since exploring how to awaken and allow my feminine energy to flow with Danielle as my guide, I am not only orgasming more freely, I’ve also found my voice expressing what turns me on. As I am honoring my sensual and sexual needs, my body feels softer and I feel more confident living in this world as a liberated woman. Unexpected bonus, it’s turning my man on to stepping more fully into his manifesting powers as well!”   ~  Sabrina M.

I am so grateful for the years of coaching and support I’ve received from Danielle! She has helped me create a deeper, more intimate relationship with my husband and has helped me build greater confidence in myself so I can take bold, exciting risks in my business. Her style is compassionate, yet powerful. I always look forward to our weekly Skype sessions. Thank you so much, Danielle, for your inspired coaching!”  ~   Rebecca M.

“Danielle’s mentoring is profound. Her insights reflect an intuitive ability that enable her to safely and deeply identify blocks and challenges so they can be held in love and transformed. Since working with Danielle, I have more acceptance and self-love, and more and more freedom of sensual and sexual expression.”   ~   SLS

“Danielle’s sessions combine fully present listening, spiritual counsel, visualizations, and what feels to me like magic. She is gifted at helping others realize their own light more fully & live more joyfully in the world.”  ~ Marianne S.

“Danielle is a true gem – she is warm, compassionate, and insightful. She gets right to the heart of the matter and guides you to new places within yourself. She taught me how to stay grounded and take care of myself in difficult times. With her coaching, I feel I can handle anything now.”  ~  Charmaine P.

“Danielle holds a fun, safe, deep and creative space in which each woman can be herself in all areas of the retreat: yoga/sensual movement, self-inquiry, growth and connecting with other women. The food is amazing and the environment stunning. A true getaway with purpose.”   ~   Susan S.
“In Danielle’s workshop, “Claiming Your Sexy You”, she created a beautiful space for us. I felt held in a mysterious way that I cannot describe and felt safe enough to feel the shyness that lives deep within me. Her relaxed style of leading was sweet. There is something about the way she holds this spiritual path in a “non spiritual” and more “natural” way that is refreshing.”  ~  Judy W.
“I don’t think words can really adequately convey how much Danielle has helped me. I don’t believe in coincidence. She came into my life at exactly the right time, to remind me of the magic of life. Through her mentoring, I have learnt to trust my intuition and imagination. You have opened up my world and reminded me that I can dream and realize my dreams.”  ~  Helena E.